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My grandmother is in need of Christmas help. To make a long story short. When i was 6yrs old my mother died of a heart attack and my grandmother took custody of my brother, sister and me. She retired from her job and raised us. Well now I'm 19 and at bible college in Missouri which is a miracle in its self and she is at home with my 16 yr old sister and 15yr old brother. She is on disability and gets only $90 twice a month. Her food stamps have been cut off they have stopped giving her money. She is 77 and has a various amount of physical problems. I remeber last christmas going home and my grandmother crying because there was nothing under the christmas tree because she does not have any money. The only difference is that this year is worst. I really don't want to go home because I can't bear to see my grandmother upset like that. Thanksgiving this year was tough I went home and all she had in her freezer was a bag of 5 little chicken tenders. I had to take canned chicken peas and mac and cheese and try to make a meal. I just pray that there is someone out there that is willing or knows where i can find help for my grandmother. I am mainly afraid that I might have to leave school and the call God placed on my life to try and work and provide for my family. Please help if you can we are really in need of a christmas blessing.

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